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Air Jordan 11

The legendary Air Jordan 11 was first released for for 1995-96 season. The Air Jordan 11 are the most famous and most popular model of the Air Jordan line.

Back With Aggression!

Jordan was back for real and he led the Bulls to yet another NBA victory. He also became the second man to ever win Most Valuable Player awards for the regular season, All-Star Game and NBA Finals in the same season. Jordan averaged 30.4 points per game and scored 40 or more points in nine games while wearing the Air Jordan 11’s. What a come back!

Triple Come Back

If Jordan was back, so was Tinker Hatfield. A terrific design with a new patent leather and the return of the clear rubber sole made the Air Jordan 11 the most appreciated Air Jordan model ever released.

But when the design stunned everyone, the durability and quality was disappointing. Again the clear rubber soles easily yellowed and the patent leather also tended to crack up and/or easily get scratched. Top design - lacking quality.

With the Air Jordan 11 we also saw the return of low-tops. Something that would follow the Air Jordan’s all the way to the Jordan 21s (though skipping the OG Jordan 12’s).

Back to the banning daysMichael was fined $5,000 per game during the semifinals in 1995 for wearing the white/black-dk concord ones. He wore them twice and this was looked upon as uniform violation as the rest of the Bulls wore entirely black shoes. (This kind of brings back memories from when the Air Jordan 1’s were banned from the NBA.)Being fined two games was enough though and the next game he wore Anfernee Hardaway’s shoes.But did Nike enjoy MJ not wearing Air Jordans? Probably not as he got the “SpaceJams” for the remaining games. The same shoes that could also be seen in the movie Space Jam.

Retro fever

When the Jordan 11s were retroed in 2000-2001 they would prove to become the retro that sold in the highest quantity ever and also the fastest selling Air Jordan’s of all time. The Jordan 11s were retroed in 15 colorways and sold out in every colorway!

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<img  src="images/201708/goods_img/220887_G_1502120046162.jpg" alt="Jordan 11 Kid Shoes Red" width=350 />

Jordan 11 Kid Shoes Red

  • ID:220887
  • 28.0USD
  • <img  src="images/201506/goods_img/214002_G_1435394527493.jpg" alt="AIR JORDAN 11 LOW GEORGETOWN" width=350 />


  • ID:214002
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/201506/goods_img/214001_G_1434979845699.jpg" alt="Air Jordan 11 PANTONE Original" width=350 />

    Air Jordan 11 PANTONE Original

  • ID:214001
  • 65.0USD
  • <img  src="images/201411/goods_img/210718_G_1416060001816.jpg" alt="Air Jordan 11 Retro Shoes Red" width=350 />

    Air Jordan 11 Retro Shoes Red

  • ID:210718
  • 35.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2010/01/27/06432396876900-2515366.jpg" alt="Air Jordan 11 SPACE JAM White" width=350 />

    Air Jordan 11 SPACE JAM White

  • ID:114993
  • 28.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05594839064300-7795030.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-7" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-7

  • ID:101435
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05594387501800-7958136.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-6" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-6

  • ID:101434
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05593082814500-9149757.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-4" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-4

  • ID:101432
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05592531251900-6027809.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-3" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-3

  • ID:101431
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05592028127100-5270495.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-2" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-2

  • ID:101430
  • 25.0USD
  • <img  src="images/2009/12/18/05591484377100-5504849.jpg" alt="Air Jordan XI (11) N-1" width=350 />

    Air Jordan XI (11) N-1

  • ID:101429
  • 25.0USD
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